Energy Saving Services

Energy Saving Services

High energy prices, rising cost pressure and a growing awareness of climate protection undoubtedly make industrial energy efficiency a key business challenge for everyone. The Festo Energy Saving Services to DIN EN ISO 11011 offer you a customised range of services for identifying and optimally exploiting potential compressed air savings, both systematically and sustainably.

PreAudit as navigator

Energy Saving Services Kompass

You want to increase the energy efficiency of your entire compressed air system, but do not know where to start? With our PreAudit, you can detect weaknesses immediately and know for certain which measures are most likely to pay off in your compressed air system.

During the PreAudit, we examine compressed air generation and treatment, assess the compressor utilisation, analyse the compressed air quality and measure the pressure drop in the system. In the quick check, we also carry out a representative leakage detection test on a machine and check the machine’s pneumatic efficiency. You get a detailed report with accurately documented data and recommendations for action in order of priority. The documentation sets out the CO2 emission values that many companies need to state in their sustainability report in accordance with GRI or GHG for example.

Energy efficiency as a modular service based on your needs
Festo Energy Saving Service have a modular design so they can precisely meet your specific requirements. You choose whether you want to take advantage of the PreAudit, just the individual service modules or the full audit. You define the objectives and we adapt the range of services to meet them.

The audit service modules

Energy Saving Services Module

1 Energy analysis of compressed air generation

A unique, reliable consumption profile in line with the operating time is needed to achieve the goal of energy-efficient compressed air generation. Only then can sizing and compressor running times be optimised.

This service consists of measuring power consumption and compressed air flow as well as the pressure level and bandwidth. The measurements are carried out during operation, independently of the manufacturer. This monitoring documents the power and compressed air requirements as well as fluctuations in consumption between basic and peak load over several days. At the end, you get a detailed report that clearly sets out the energy costs and consumption, reveals power reserves, and specifies your potential savings.

Energy Saving Services Drucklufterzeugung

Your benefits:

  • Manufacturer-independent measurement
  • Measurement during operation
  • Transparent energy consumption of the entire system
  • Awareness of the system’s output reserves

2 Compressed air quality analysis

The quality of the compressed air has a direct effect on the operating costs: oil, water or particles in the compressed air result in unnecessary energy consumption and shorten the service life of pneumatic components. This also throws doubt on the process reliability, and, in the worst case, results in sudden machine stoppage. On the other hand, an optimally sized compressed air system saves energy costs straightaway.

This can be achieved with a professional compressed air quality analysis, where we examine the centralised and decentralised compressed air preparation, measure the air temperature, pressure level and residual oil content and determine the pressure dew point. The final report gives you clear recommendations of how to optimise the compressed air quality.

Energy Saving Services Druckluftqualität

Your benefits:

  • Ensure optimum compressed air quality
  • Increased service life of pneumatic components
  • Minimise unexpected production downtimes
  • Targeted adaptation of compressed air preparation to requirements

3 Pressure drop measurement

The compressed air distribution in the system is frequently neglected and is an often underestimated cost factor with significant savings potential. You can save up to 8% of the energy for compressed air generation by reducing the pressure by 1 bar. Furthermore, a stable pressure level is a prerequisite for reliable processes.

During the pressure drop measurement, sensors use data loggers to simultaneously record the pressure profile at several points in the compressed air system. We also determine the pressure band and identify pressure drops. You will receive precise data and clear recommendations on the options available to reduce pressure in your system.

Energy Saving Services Druckabfallmessung

Your benefits:

  • Lower costs through pressure reductions
  • Reliable processes through constant pressure level

4 Compressed air consumption analysis

The exact compressed air consumption per machine cycle is the crucial parameter for assessing the energy efficiency of machines and systems; it is also the basis for correct planning and sizing of the compressed air supply. Avoid pressure drops caused by undersizing as well as unnecessarily expensive oversizing. Only actual consumption measurements can tell you precisely how much compressed air your machines consume and how high the leakage rate is.

This service consists of measuring the compressed air consumption and the pressure level at standstill and during operation as well as determining the average consumption and pressure level. You find out where compressed air is being used inappropriately and what opportunities for improvement are available.

Energy Saving Services Druckluftverbrauch

Your benefits:

  • Establishing the actual compressed air consumption of individual machines
  • No unwanted pressure drop due to undersupply
  • No unnecessary energy consumption due to oversupply
  • Determining compressed air losses due to leakage
  • Compressed air supply to the machine can be optimally configured

5 Leakage detection and elimination

A leaking compressed air system wastes lots of energy and money and can jeopardise your process reliability. That is why detecting, documenting and eliminating leaks in compressed air systems are an important efficiency measure.

With this service, we expertly review your entire compressed air system, from generation through to the pneumatic consumer, we detect leaks using high-sensitivity ultrasonic detectors during operation and classify them by size and costs. We also draw up detailed documentation complete with optimisation options and a list of recommended repairs in order of urgency. The report will be available to you online on our Festo Energy Saving Assessment Portal and provides a simple and structured way of monitoring the elimination of leaks. You can now finally put a number on your energy losses and CO2 emissions.

Energy Saving Services Leckage

Your benefits:

  • No production downtime required
  • Transparency of energy and money losses as well as CO2 emissions
  • Leakage detection using ultrasound detectors
  • Assessment and classification of the individual leaks
  • Detailed list of required repair measures, including replacement parts
  • Online access to the data provided via the Energy Saving Assessment Portal

6 Machine analysis for energy efficiency

Stabilise your processes and reduce your costs by strategically designing your compressed air system for the future.

During the machine analysis, experienced compressed air specialists measure the flow rate, consumption and pressure of the relevant pneumatic applications, determine inefficient compressed air usage and identify opportunities for improvement. Our experts use the analysis to define specific recommendations and also to estimate the costs, savings and the expected amortisation period of the possible measures. The results and recommendations are presented to you a detailed report. We can take care of the installation/modification of the developed solutions for you on request.

Energy Saving Services Maschinenanalyse

Your benefits:

  • Systematic review of the system’s pneumatic energy efficiency
  • Rapid identification of measures that are economically sensible and technically feasible
  • Documentation of the analysed compressed air applications
  • On request: installation and commissioning of the developed solutions

Watch the video to discover how you can save energy and cut operating costs with Energy Saving Services from Festo.