Core product range

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cylinders with piston rod, swivel cylinders, valves, service units, sensors and connection technology from the core product range.

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Over 2,200 products that are:

  • Worldwide: always in stock
  • Superb: Festo quality at an attractive price
  • Easy: just a few clicks to place an order online

Standardprodukte Generally ready for shipping ex works in 24 hours

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Pneumatic drives from our core product range

Powerful and extremely compact, whether for linear or rotary applications

Standard pneumatic drives
  • Self-adjusting, clean and safe: with pneumatic end-position cushioning PPS
  • Cylinders with piston rods as compact cylinders, guided drives, standard cylinders, mini slides, semi-rotary drives, short strokes, round cylinders
  • Compact semi-rotary drives with minimum space requirements and adjustable swivel angle, wide range of variants for many applications

Valves from our core product range

Space-saving, compact, high flow rates or sturdy – from individual valves to valve terminals

Stars in pneumatics: valves and valve terminals
  • Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves
  • Standards-based directional control valves, universal directional control valves, flow control valves, shut-off valves, one-way flow control valves
  • Electric components for valve terminals

Air preparation with our core products

One complete series: for reliable compressed air preparation, mixed and matched to fit your requirements

Air preparation
  • Filter regulator: filter and regulator in one unit
  • Standard regulator with different pressure regulation ranges
  • On-off valve for switching on and exhausting; soft-start valve for gradual pressure build-up

Tubes and connectors from our core product range

Reliable and durable: for safe connections and simple installation

Stars in pneumatics: tubing and connectors
  • Pneumatic connections for various working environments
  • Fittings and connectors for tubing
  • Push-in fittings in L-, T-, X- and Y-shape

Sensors and accessories from our core product range

It's easy, one size fits all: a cylinder switch suitable for all drives with T-slot

Stars in pneumatics: sensors
  • A proximity switch specially optimised for Festo drives: freely configurable or for special applications, such as explosion protection
  • Pressure sensors for monitoring pressure values
  • Modular cable system NEBU for connecting sensors to evaluation units