Cleanroom-compatible products
For all cleanroom classes in accordance with ISO 14644-1

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Certified products

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Which Festo products are suitable for use in the cleanroom?

Festo supplies products suited to all cleanroom classes:

many of our series products can be used with ISO classes 4 and 9. As a result, you get proven quality and fast delivery at an affordable price.

Specialist solutions are available for ISO classes 1 to 3.


Cleanroom classes 7-9: the entire product range from Festo

Almost all Festo products can be used in a cleanroom of class 7 or higher.

Cleanroom classes 4 - 6: specially tested series products for ISO classes 4 - 6

A selection of our series products are tested for use in the cleanroom. Many of our products are compatible with ISO classes 4 - 6.

Products for ISO class 4

Products for ISO class 5

Products for ISO class 6

Cleanroom classes 1 - 3: products produced specially for ISO classes 1 - 3

These products are manufactured to customer requirements, then transferred to series production.