Highly efficient beverage bottling
and packaging

Beverage filler

Festo offers you food-safe beverage technology to suit every taste, whether for beer, spirits, water or juice. This video shows how clever automation can optimise beverage production, from manufacturing the bottles to the filling line for beverages to end line packaging.

Perfectly adjusted beverage filling

Efficiency in beverage production

Smart product features, high system availability, large production volumes – what's important to you? Take a look at these examples to find out how you can boost the performance of your bottling lines or when handling beverage packaging systems:


System availability doesn't happen by chance

High system availability can be planned. The key indicators for overall equipment effectiveness are availability, performance and quality. These examples show how you can reduce downtimes and increase cycle rates while maintaining top quality.

OEE – increasing equipment effectiveness (PDF)

From the blank to the bottle under high pressure

Festo has the right pneumatic products for high-pressure applications, such as blow moulding of PET bottles. The key to success is precise control using valves and valves blocks and the right compressed air preparation, along with our worldwide services, from design engineering tools to operation.

Pneumatic components for high-pressure applications

Food safety

Food safety

Food safety is a basic prerequisite. With Festo you can reliably implement all food safety regulations. Our sturdy, clean-design components permit easy, thorough and quick cleaning.

Food safety

Automation for beverage bottling and packing

Valve terminal VTUG

Valve terminal with multi-pin or fieldbus interface VTUG

Optimised variants for control cabinet installation, with manifold rail for greater corrosion protection. Also with hot swap function, allowing valves to be changed during operation.

More about the VTUG

Valve terminal MPAC

Valve terminal MPA-C

Easy to clean and corrosion resistant. IP69K for direct use in challenging environments. FDA-compliant materials and NSF-H1 grease included.

More about the MPA-C


Pinch valve VZQA

For demanding food dosing requirements. Declaration of conformity in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 available for a normally open design with silicone diaphragm.

More about the VZQA


Angle seat valve VZXA

Easy-to-clean, modular design with an incredibly high flow rate. Valve bodies and drives can be freely combined for more flexibility in the application.

More about the VZXA


Round cylinder CRDSNU

With NSF-H1 grease. Extremely reliable and durable thanks to the dry-running seal. And always correctly adjusted thanks to the self-adjusting end-position cushioning system PPS.

More about the CRDSNU

The application: mixing

Your objective: dosing ingredients, observing mixing ratios and ensuring safety

Our solution: components and systems for process automation. Process valves and actuators in standard and hygienic versions as well as completely pre-assembled control cabinets

    VZQA pinch valve

Pinch valve VZQA

Free flowing media – negligible flow resistance, no blockages

  • Also for highly abrasive or viscous media
  • Faster, easier replacement of the sealing cartridge without any special tools

More about pinch valve VZQA

    Simple mechanical system, low wear, stainless steel variant for special requirements: quarter turn actuator DAPS from Festo

Long service life, adapted to process valves: quarter turn actuator DAPS in stainless steel design

Quarter turn actuator with scotch yoke technology. Simple mechanical system, low wear and long service life. Torque characteristics specially adapted to process valves. Also in stainless steel design for the food and beverage industry.


Product overview of quarter turn actuators 

    Sturdy, durable quarter-turn actuator with constant torque characteristics: DFPB from Festo

Sturdy, easy-to-clean and suitable for a wide range of applications: quarter-turn actuator DFPB

  • Constant torque characteristics over the entire rotation angle range of 90°
  • Valve connections on both sides to ISO 5211, mountable on all process valves
  • Long service life, low wear and increased corrosion protection
  • SIL-certified


Product overview of quarter-turn actuators

    Binary sensor box for quarter-turn actuators: SRBP from Festo

Mixing processes under control: sensor boxes SRAP and SRBP

SRAP: an analogue position indicator for position monitoring of quarter-turn actuators

  • Output signals from 4 to 20mA
  • Detects end position and swivel angle

SRBP: a binary sensor box, which converts the mechanical open and close positions into electrical output signals.

Optional: mid-position sensing


Catalogue information on SRBP

Catalogue information on SRAP

    Automation of gate valve units in materials handling technology and water treatment - linear actuator DLP from Festo

Automation of gate valve units in water technology - linear actuator DLP

Sturdy and powerful actuator:

  • Highly corrosion-resistant
  • Internal air duct
  • Interfaces according to DIN ISO and VDI/VDE 


Catalogue information on DLP 

    Ball valve VAPB from Festo for aggressive media

Mechanically actuated ball valves VAPB-...-CR

2-way ball valve made of high-alloy stainless steel

  • Mounting flange to ISO 5211
  • Flow rate Kv: 16 … 1,414 m³/h
  • Operating pressure range: vacuum … max. 63 bar
  • Temperature of medium: -10° … +180°C


VAPB in the catalogue


    Process valve VZBA in stainless steel design

Ball valves VZBA in stainless steel design

2-way or 3-way ball valve – also available with pre-assembled drive unit

  • Ball with L- or T-shaped bore
  • Housing, control shaft and ball all made of stainless steel
  • Mounting flange to ISO 5211, ball seal made of PTFE
  • Temperature range: -10 °C ... +140 °C (depending on pressure)


VZBA in the catalogue


    Ball valve drive units VZPR

Ball valve drive unit VZPR in stainless steel design

Ball valve VAPB and quarter turn actuator DAPS as a complete system

  • Flow rate Kv: 5.9 ... 535 m3/h
  • Temperature of medium: -20° to +150°C
  • Ambient temperature: -20° to +80°C


VZPR in the catalogue



Angle seat valve VZXF

Highly robust and sturdy

  • For gaseous media with viscosities of up to 600 mm²/s or liquid media in open and closed circuits
  • Extremely heat-resistant, stainless steel design, NC function for reliable closing in the event of pressure drop

More about angle seat valve VZXF