Gripper development

Whether for sturdy gripping in a machine tool, standard gripping or micro-gripping in electronics manufacturing, the range of grippers from Festo covers a wide variety of applications, e.g. the powerful and sturdy three-point gripper HGDT.

Electric standard gripper EHPS

Electric standard gripper EHPS

Simple, practical, electric

More about the standard gripper EHPS

Parallel long-stroke gripper HGPL-...-B

Parallel long-stroke gripper HGPL

Sturdy long-stroke gripper for components of different sizes

More about the parallel gripper HGPL

Overview of mechanical grippers


The right gripper for every gripping function:

  • Parallel grippers
  • Three-point grippers
  • Angle grippers
  • Radial grippers
  • Swivel/gripper unit
  • Bellows grippers

Mechanical grippers in the catalogue

Adaptive shape gripper DHEF


Gripping with maximum flexibility

More about the adaptive shape gripper DHEF


Gripper selection software

Online gripper selection



Possible combinations

Suitable semi-rotary drives