Metal extraction and mining process engineering

Metal extraction and mining process engineering

Automating systems under extreme conditions

At a time when energy costs are rising and environmental awareness is heightened, plant efficiency is top of mind. Maximum system availability is therefore an absolute must and unexpected downtimes must be kept to a minimum. You need security and reliability and this can be achieved with automation technology from Festo.



Automation solutions from Festo feature:

  • Explosion-proof designs
  • Sealing
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Pressure and vacuum resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Service life and reliability
  • Operational/process reliability
  • Resistance/sturdiness/overload protection
  • Size/dimensions
  • Resistance to extreme contamination influences
  • Cleanliness and availability of process medium (particularly in mining)


Festo Mining Applications

Robust automation solutions - worldwide

  • Flotation Cells
  • Hydrocyclones


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Mining Products Festo

Festo offers automation components which have been tried and tested in operation and are designed to withstand the extreme requirements of the mining industry


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