Important information & announcements 2018/19

Please take note of our restricted trading hours over the holiday period

It's that time of year again when we all enjoy a well deserved break. Please find below some key information relating to our opening and closing days over the upcoming holiday period.

For our customers who are already registered with us as Online Shop users you will still be able to receive full access to price & availability, along with product and technical data or for placing orders via our Online Shop


Support and ordering will of course also be available via our Official Partner Network

The sales counter will be open from 8:00am to 4:00pm from the 27th Dec to 4th Jan.


Merry Christmas and many thanks for your cooperation throughout the year!

Contact Centre hotline: 1300 88 96 96



Offices     Online Shop   Dispatch of goods 
21st December 2018  Open   Open  Yes
24th December 2018  Closed    Open  No
25th December 2018  Closed   Open  No
26th December 2018  Closed   Open  No
27th December 2018   Open   Open  Yes
28th December 2018  Open   Open  Yes
31st December 2018  Open   Open  Yes
1st January 2019  Closed   Open  No
2nd January 2019  Open   Open  Yes