Digitalisation and AI – new possibilities for automating process valves

The automation of process valves has been a long-established practice. Depending on the particular industry requirements and the application, either electric or pneumatic actuators are used. There are many different concepts for the automation of actuators, even within the same technology. When using pneumatic actuator technology, for example, the actuators can be activated by individual valves or valve terminals, depending on the type of system. Both concepts have advantages that you can utilise for your specific requirements.


Digitalisation is a much discussed topic at the moment, also with regard to actuator technology for process valves. In the article by Dr Eckhard Roos from Festo, it highlights the new opportunities that digitalisation opens up and the advantages it offers for industrial production, and it outlines the first cases in which artificial intelligence (AI) is used in this application area.


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New possibilities for automating process valves