Electric automation

Electric automation for the entire automation pyramid

Festo covers a broad range of electric automation applications: from electromechanical systems and electric drives to complete positioning systems and motion control solutions, all the way to entire handling systems and decentralised control solutions.

From electromechanical components to complete motion control solutions

The range of servo motors and servo controllers is specially designed for our toothed belt axes and spindle axes as well as for our electric cylinders – perfectly combined with engineering software and enhanced with complete safety solutions in the mechanical and drive systems. Together with our automation platform and other integrated motion control solutions, this provides a virtually unlimited spectrum of solutions for industrial automation tasks, supported with innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration.

Complete portfolio of electric drives

As an automation partner, Festo offers the ideal portfolio for a complete electric drive solution for your machine, enabling mechanical movements and monitoring, decentralised control of individual process modules, and communication with other control partners. Innovative hardware and software solutions, forward-looking engineering solutions and open automation architecture with connectivity at all levels will make you fit for Industry 4.0.

Optimised Motion Series

Optimised Motion Series

The complete package for simple positioning and motion

Fast and easy to configure and commission – perfect combination of linear and rotary movements

  • Electric cylinder EPCO for simple and fast positioning
  • Toothed belt axis ELGR for cost-efficient automation of simple movements
  • Rotary drive ERMO for flexible rotary and swivel motions
  • Motor controller CMMO-ST with integrated web browser

More about the Optimised Motion Series

Electromechanical axes

Electromechanical axes

Gantry axes and electric cylinders for every application

Electric cylinder ESBF: precise, fast and powerful positioning

Electric axis ELGA: powerful and dynamic motion – now protected too

Electric axis EGC: dynamic and fast, even under high loads

Servo press kit YJKP

Servo press kit YJKP

Pre-assembled system kit consisting of:

  • Software
  • Controller
  • Hardware

Modular and preinstalled operating software

Find out more about the

Servo press kit

Standard handling systems

Standard handling systems

Fully assembled, tested and ready to install

Use the Handling Guide Online to configure a modular system in 20 minutes: including energy chain, connection technology and drive package

  • Pick & place
  • Linear gantry
  • Planar surface gantry
  • Three-dimensional gantry

More about standard handling systems

Highly dynamic handling systems

Highly dynamic handling system

High-speed handling systems and Cartesian robots for free movement in three dimensions

Everything with high precision and excellent dynamic response

  • Linear gantry EXCT: Cartesian pick & place handling system with more than 90 picks/min
  • Planar surface gantry EXCH: compact and very flat Cartesian handling unit with robotic functionality for up to 100 picks/min
  • Parallel kinematic system EXPT: delta kinematic system with robotic functionality for free movement in three dimensions and up to 150 picks/min

Highly dynamic handling systems

Multi-Carrier-System – MCS®

Multi-Carrier-System MCS

Flexible modular transport system

Quick adaptation to different formats and products down to a batch size of 1

  • Flexible to install and operate
  • Easy to integrate into existing logistics owing to infeed and outfeed of carriers with no transfer points
  • Acceleration, speed, grouping and synchronous motion can be freely defined

More about the Multi-Carrier-System MCS

Planar surface gantry EXCM

Planar surface gantry EXCM

Maximum flexibility in even the smallest of spaces is only possible when body and mind move in perfect unison.

Maximum functionality in the millimetre range:

  • Parallel kinematics for low moving masses
  • Pre-parameterised drives and controllers for simple commissioning
  • Available in 2 sizes

More information on the planar surface gantry EXCM

Automation platform CPX

Terminal CPX

Enables scalable control and installation concepts

The CPX provides a straightforward way of attaching pneumatic and electric control chains to all automation solutions.

  • Front-end control and motion control
  • Decentralised and networked intelligence with embedded CODESYS controller
  • Universal communication via fieldbus/Ethernet
  • Modular and flexible IP65 remote I/O
  • Industry 4.0 thanks to OPC UA and CODESYS control V3

More about the installation and control concepts