FAST Program Conditions

  • Items ordered are within the FAST Program as specified at
  • The order is placed such that the non-FAST Program items do not influence the shipment of FAST Program items. For example, an order requiring a single "complete shipment" of FAST and non-FAST items would not be eligible with the same shipping conditions.
  • Changes to orders must be final by 11:00AM Eastern time on the order date.
  • Quantity limit is 5 pieces per item, except for fitting/flow controls (100 pcs), tubing (100 meters), and mounting accessories (10 pcs).
  • Orders are placed via phone or Internet.
  • Approved credit with Festo at the time of order placement and shipment.

Note: Start date for measurement of lead time is day the order is placed if entered by 11:00AM Eastern coast time, next business day for orders entered after 11:00AM.

Festo reserves the right to make changes to this program at any time. The most recent conditions will be listed on the Festo web site.