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Global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions

To win, manufacturers need partners they can trust to help them build better products, to streamline production and of course to continuously cut costs. It’s all about collaboration and innovation.


For over 40 years in the Canada and 90 years globally, Festo has been a positive force
Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our passion is automation — intelligent automation solutions that transform the way people work — and the way companies compete. Ultimately, it’s about continuously stimulating progress. In big ways and in small ways. 


We are driven by a desire to always be helpful. We observe.

We analyze. We inspire. We engineer with an intense focus on every last detail.


We operate with a simple, yet powerful manifesto: That intelligent automation isn’t just about movement - it’s movement with purpose. And it’s not just about innovative products. It’s about products that come with expert advice and differentiated customer support. Our aim is to help our customers make their products faster, smarter and more precisely. That’s how they thrive instead of just survive. And when our customers win, we win. 


We are Festo. And our purpose is to help people turn the power of intelligent automation into a catalyst for transformation.

Festo About Us

100% Quality

Since 1925, Festo has been an independent, privately-owned company with the commitment to producing innovative products for the automation industry.

A vital ingredient for your and our success is outstanding, consistent quality-throughout production, innovation, training, services and logistics processes.



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