FluidDraw P5 – Professional

Fluiddraw enables the creation of electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams. The tool makes it easier to plan complete systems and implement individual components. Users access the Festo catalogue and their own imported databases and can thus benefit from evaluation functions and created assembly drawings. The software is part of Festo Engineering Tools, which provides users with electronic and continuous support in the entire process, from planning, selection, design and ordering up to delivery and commissioning.

Overview funktions

Symbol libraries - simple and standard-compliant

Complete, neutral pneumatic symbol library to ISO 1219-1
Intelligent and automated equipment identification - DIN EN 81346-2
Complete, neutral electrical symbol library - DIN EN 60617
Expansion with user-defined symbol libraries

Creating circuit diagrams - quick and easy

Insert additional symbols without having to disconnect the connecting cables
Automatic connection of points (Autoconnect)
Automated creation of all symbols for configurable Festo products, e.g. valve terminals
Intelligent cable routing with mesh points for changes in direction
Alignment aid for arranging symbols
Automatically updated cross references
Overview window for navigating within the spreadsheet (zoom function)
256 drawing planes

Drawing - intuitive and versatile

Geometric drawing elements for 2D assembly drawings
Create and archive your own symbols
Draw using coordinates, lengths, widths and radii
Sizing (mm, cm, inch)

Managing - clear and structured

Manage multiple sheets in one project
Project structuring using subfolders
Open several projects at the same time

Evaluating - complete documentation, easy and progressive

Bills of materials
Contact images
Terminal diagrams
Cable diagrams (wiring overview in tabular form)
Tube lists (tubing overview in tabular form)

Product data - complete BOM information

Offline search via integrated Festo catalogue
User-defined product databases/catalogues with search functions

Translation - multilingual documentation made easy

Automatic translation of Festo product designations
User-specific translation tables can be set up
A range of language settings for various program levels

Interfaces - easy and efficient data exchange

Data can be exported to the Festo online basket
Data can be imported from an integrated offline version of the Festo catalogue
Import/export of graphic formats (BMP, DXF, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, WMF)
Import/export of bills of materials (TXT, CSV)
PDF export        
Import/export of your own product databases (TXT, CSV)
Import/export of your own translation tables (TXT, CSV)