Compact valves VG

Solenoid valve from the compact range VUVG-...-S

Solenoid valve for fast applications with a high flow rate

As an individual valve, on a manifold rail or a sub-base

The compact range comprises valves and valve terminals for applications where installation space, weight, flow rate and mounting considerations are important.


Thanks to the wide variety in the modular system, these compact valves and valve terminals cover almost 80% of all applications.


The new solenoid valve in the compact range: VUVG-...-S with focused features

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All features of the compact valve

Compact, high-flow and low-cost

  • Suitable for small parts assembly and for electronics, as well as for the food and packaging industry
  • Available as an electrically or pneumatically actuated valve
  • Can be expanded to form a valve terminal with an individual connection
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Information on solenoid valves from the compact range

Product information on VUVG/VUVS

Solenoid valve VUVG in the catalogue

if Award 2010
reddot design award winner 2009
VUVG one click

Electronics box = wide variety of connection options at a click

Advantage: quick and easy installation

  • One basic valve and versatile electric connections for reduced ordering and storage costs
  • Electronics box installed independently of the valve with just one click - no tools required
  • Power concumption reduced by 0.35 W with reduction of holding current