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The application: Destacking metal sheets for the press

Your objective: dependable results thanks to the reliable separation and transport of metal sheets

Our solution: components for reliable vacuum generation and application-specific suction grippers

    Standard cylinder DSNU with cushioning PPS

Standard cylinder DSNU with self-adjusting cushioning PPS

ISO 6432

  • Reacts quickly thanks to minimal break-away force
  • Long service life
  • Self-adjusting cushioning PPS saves time and money, protects the material.
  • PPS for shorter downtimes when changing the workpieces (metal sheets)


Standard cylinders DSNU in the catalogue

    Vacuum suction grippers ESG from Festo for harsh everyday life in car production

Complete vacuum suction gripper ESG

  • Complete with retainer, optional filter, angle compensator and suitable suction cup
  • Fully assembled according to your requirements and ready for immediate use

ESG in the catalogue

    Festo customised gantry systems provide solutions to every handling task

From small and delicate to large and heavy, gantry systems tailored to your specific needs provide the right solution to any handling task

Customised gantry systems aid automated part feeding during the body-in-white process


 Commissioning service also available

Advanced handling systems

    Festo vacuum generator OVEM: integrated condition monitoring

Integrated process reliability: vacuum generator OVEM

Condition monitoring increases process reliability and prevents machine downtime

  • Monitoring of the set evacuation and ejection cycle time
  • Ideal in combination with the suction gripper ESG


 Short product information on OVEM

Vacuum generator OVEM in the catalogue