eMotionButterfies @ CMTS Toronto


At the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show CMTS, the eMotionButterflies will be taking to the air for the first time in Ontario. Festo will demonstrate how nature provides new inspiration for advanced automation technology.


Flight times


More about eMotionButterflies

The bionic butterflies with an aesthetic appeal illustrate complex topics from the future world of production, such as functional integration, ultra-lightweight design, and above all networked communication between individual systems that is optimized on a real-time basis. The coordination between the individual flight objects is autonomously and reliably enabled by a well-networked external guidance and monitoring system. The communication and sensor technology used, which constitutes an indoor GPS system, ensures collision-free collective behavior of the butterflies. The combination of integrated electronics and external camera technology with a host computer makes for process stability thanks to an intelligent guidance and monitoring system. The onboard electronics system allows the individual wing pairs to be precisely addressed; it includes its own inertia sensors for the purpose of regulation. No human pilot is therefore required to control the eMotionButterflies. Preprogrammed routes, which specify the flight paths for the butterflies during their maneuvers, are stored on the central computer. With the aid of additionally stored behavior patterns, however, they can also move autonomously through space. With the eMotionButterflies and the indoor GPS-derived from it, Festo addresses aspects of the automation of the future, such as the safe and intuitive interaction between man and machine or the autonomous and adaptable behaviour of technical systems, which permit controlled interventions by people at any time and hence create new prospects for the workspace of the future.