Process Control Solutions


Pneumatic Valve Terminals


Valve Terminal MPA/MPA-F/MPA-L

  • Flexible and modular
  • Multiple size valves and integrated I/P
  • Hardwire, multipin, and fieldbus connection via CPX or CTEU

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Compact Valve Terminal VTUG

  • Economical and optimized for cabinet installation
  • Subbase or direct on cabinet wall multipole mounting
  • Hardwire, multipin or fieldbus connection

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Sanitary Valve Terminal CDVI

  • Optimized for sanitary and washdown environments
  • Subbase or indiviudal mounting
  • High resistance to corrosion

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Valve Terminal CPV Ex-i for Explosion Areas

  • High density for hazardous installations
  • Intrinsically safe design to ATEX Cat 2 (Zone 1)
  • Individual electrical connections

Product informtion on CPV Ex-i

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Network and Electronic I/O Terminals


Modular Electrical Terminal CPX

  • Analog and digital I/O, RTD and themocouple inputs, pressure sensor module
  • Terminal can be combined with MPA or VTSA valves plus decentralized control of CPV valve terminals
  • Integrated CoDeSys controller or communication via 11+ protocols including Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, PROFITBUS < Devicenet

Product information on CPX

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Electrical Terminal for Hazardous Installations CPX-P

  • NAMUR compatible digial input modules suitable for devices in Ex ATEX zones 1 and 2
  • Terminal installation in ATEX zone 2
  • Integrated barrier allows interface with Standard CPX electrical terminal and MPA valve terminals


Modular electrical terminal CPX - P

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Decentralized I/O CPI

  • High density digital I/O modules
  • Mounting I/O closer to field devices to reduce wiring
  • Install up to 30' from CPX electrical terminal or CPV valve terminal

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Control Cabinets


Control Cabinets from Festo

  • Process control cabinet and panel design an dfabrication
  • Built in Festo UT 508A certified facilities across US
  • Integration of third party components and global availability