SMT-8M-A Cylinder Switches with
Advanced Locking System


Proximity sensors for T-slot

The SMT-8M-A sensor had an advanced system safely locks the cylinder switch in place. Compared to locking systems widely in use for cylinder switches, the system described delivers the highest reliability even under shock and vibration.

Three steps to solid position sensing: 

1. Insertion

Cylinder switches leave the factory with the fixing plate in the

lower position. This is essential  for proper locking and allows for

direct installation on to the cylinder out of the bag.

2. Switch point adjustment

Simple detection of the switching point by mark on the housing

and LED.

3. Lock in place

The switch is fastened by use of a 1.5mm Allen-key. By turning

the key, the fixing plate is moved upwards until it locks against

the top of the slot opening.