Cartesian handling systems – a technical comparison with conventional robots

Cartesian Handling System

Why is it worthwhile to use Cartesian handling systems?

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimized systems. And no wonder: conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are actually required.


Energy-efficient and cost-optimized 2D and 3D systems – whether in a technology mix with electrical and pneumatic components or components that are purely pneumatic, purely electrical – can be adapted more easily and efficiently to linear and rotational applications.

Optimizations in mechanical systems, procurement, programming and installation space can be exploited more effectively.


This white paper contains information on:

  • Cartesian handling systems in an overview
  • Functional differences between the various systems
  • Key factors and selection aids for selecting a handling system 

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