Piston spool valves and poppet valves – a technical comparison of available solenoid valves

Piston Spool Valves

Why should you choose your valves carefully?

The increasing demands placed on valve technology in recent years has led to a formidable extension of the range of available technologies and valve types, models, and properties.  The most commonly used are poppet valves and piston spool valves. Nowadays, there is a much wider choice of valve technologies to successfully plan a project.  However, choosing the right parts for the application at hand requires comprehensive knowledge and an accurate appraisal by the consulting engineer or technician.


This white paper includes information on:

  • An introduction to valve technologies
  • Poppet valves, piston spool valves and the cartridge principle – what you need to know
  • A valve selection aid to assist in determining which valve type suits your application best


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