Electrical positioning systems

Simplified Motion Series

The simplicity of pneumatics is now combined for the first time with the advantages of electric automation thanks to the Simplified Motion Series. These integrated drives are the perfect solution for all users who are looking for an electric alternative for very simple movement and positioning tasks, but don't want the commissioning process for traditional electric drive systems that can often be quite complex.

Simplified Motion Series

There is no need for any software since operation is simply based on the "plug and work" principle. Digital I/O (DIO) and IO-Link® are always automatically included – a product with two types of control as standard.

The simplified functionality makes the drives ideal for simple movements between two mechanical end positions without having to sacrifice optimised motion characteristics, gently cushioned retracting into the end positions or simplified press-fitting and clamping functions.

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Optimised Motion Series

Optimised Motion Series: a low-cost system with optimised performance. It comprises a mechanical system with permanently mounted motor and drive system (motor controller) with integrated web browser technology and matching connecting cables. As a single electric cylinder, toothed belt axis or rotary module as well as cost-effective multi-axis solutions for simple handling tasks. Another major plus: you can configure, order and commission using just 1 type code.

Optimised Motion Series


  • 1 order code for product selection and configuration
  • Optimised, fixed combination of drive and motor


  • Configuration of motion and positioning via WebConfig
  • Quick and easy operation and commissioning


  • Freely selectable position, force and speed
  • Freely definable motion profiles

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Electrical positioning systems made easy

Electrical Positioning Systems Made Easy

Easy to select connect and configure

Discover how you can save time, money and effort by using our Optimised Motion Series software tool.

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