New Festo Electric Drives sizing software offers 8.5 million solutions

New Electric Drives sizing software


Festo have released their latest version of Positioning Drives software, designed to size axis, guides, motors and drives. Version 2.1.1 includes 8.5 million electric drive solutions, which are easily filtered by performance, accuracy, technology, product and even voltage. The software can perform complex calculations with just a few entries by the user and gives full dynamic results that can be printed for the users technical manual.


Positioning drives software from Festo can size both rotary and linear electric drive applications, even including options for gearboxes. In its simplest mode the user inputs simple data like length of movement, total load, accuracy required and any additional forces. The user then can filter various technologies and products and the final results table shows the optimum solutions out of a possible 8.5 million electric drive solutions from Festo.

In its most flexible form, the user can define up to 99 different motion profiles in a single project, with inputs for speed, load, acceleration, deceleration, pause time, ambient air temperature, additional forces and even defining the length of steady state speed required.


The output from the software, shows the information sorted in relative cost order, showing the user the most cost effective solution for their application. Information displayed includes :

• Full active motion diagram
• Mass moment of inertia ratios
• Torques required
• Speeds
• Max current required
• Current used in E stop conditions
• Distance travelled during an E stop
• Acceleration and deceleration
• Jerk figures


The part list generated can be directly exported to the Festo online shop to show actual cost of the entire solution and the delivery of the solution too. Finally the user can fill in their project details and create a comprehensive PDF document showing all technical details and data on the solution for their own technical file.


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