Valve terminals

Electromagnetic valves are linked to create a valve manifold with a common power supply and controller: the valve terminal.


Pneumatic valves and electrical connections are efficiently integrated on the valve terminal. This Festo invention means the valve unit has fewer tubes and is much easier to assemble.


Since 1989 Festo has continued to develop the valve terminal: control protocols, diagnostics and condition monitoring as well as application-optimised valve terminals make them even more economical and flexible.

Function integration on the valve terminal

Function integration for valve terminals

Increased productivity and reduced installation

  • Save time from engineering through to assembly
  • Electrical system and pneumatics on one platform

More about function integration

Simple fieldbus connection

CTEU on valve terminal VTUG

Decentralised installation system CTEL and bus node CTEU

More about CTEL/CTEU

Find out what the CPX Industrial Automation Platform can do for you

CPX microsite - Industrial automation platform

Explore and discover the wide variety of benefits the CPX valve terminal can bring to your engineering projects including safety, servopneumatics, electrical motion and many more.

CPX microsite

Video - CPX Modular Automation Platform

CPX Modular automation platform

Festo Product Manager, Jacqui Hanbury, describes the functionality and benefits of the CPX modular automation platform in this short video.

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Installation and control concepts

Valve terminal installation concepts

Centralised, decentralised, hybrid or on-site:

There is a suitable valve terminal for every application:


find out more about the possible installation concepts.

Valve terminal MPA-L


The modular valve terminal, easily expandable in individual steps

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Video - VTUG & MPA-L valve terminals

VTUG & MPA-L valve terminals video

Festo Product Manager, Jacqui Hanbury, discusses the benefits of the new VTUG & MPA-L valve terminals.

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Valve terminal selection

Overview of the available valve terminal series with features and range of applications

Valve terminal selection


New products:

Valve terminals


Select valve terminals online

Assistance with simple selection of the suitable valve terminals based on your parameters
Pre-selection of valve terminals