Festo presenting at Flexible Automation for Food Processing and Packaging workshop



Taking place on 25 June 2014 at the University of Lincoln, Holbeach Campus, the focus is to develop highly innovative automated adaptive processing and packaging for fresh and processed food products. Andrew MacPherson, National Team Manager for Food & Beverage at Festo, will present on the Development and Application of Innovative Technology for Food Processing Machinery.


This will be the second workshop in a series of dissemination events sponsored by the E.C F.W.7 PicknPack project consortium. The workshop is designed to place the technical outputs of the project within the general context of current and predicted future trends both in the evolution of new technologies and in the market which will determine their application.


The programme will be very relevant to engineers and managers from food manufacturing and technology machine provider companies who need to be aware of current capabilities of and future trends in emerging technologies within Europe which will impact on their business. It will also be relevant to research and development engineers who are interested in opportunities in this rapidly expanding industrial sector.


The agenda includes a number of speakers and covers a range of very interesting and relevant topics including a state of the art exhibition by Marel, Lacquey Ormon and Festo. Click here for an overview of the programme and here for information on the speakers.


Andrew MacPherson, National Team Manager for Food & Beverage at Festo is pleased to support this workshop. He will present on how Festo have an ongoing development program that takes lessons from nature and looks at how these can be applied to solve industrial problems. This development program has already been responsible for the launch of a light weight flexible gripper that can pick up different objects without marking them and is also light weight so potentially reducing the required size of any robot or handling axis.


The latest development areas at Festo involve brain wave control of machinery, a self learning gripper, the use of superconductors for motion and force feedback for positioning systems. Many of the current development projects could be used to solve application challenges in the food industry. In order for UK food manufactures to maintain competitiveness we need to develop food process machines that are flexible, will quickly adapt to product changes whilst still maintaining high levels of hygiene.


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