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Festo is again headline sponsor of the Appetite for Engineering conference to be held on 21 October 2014 at Hinkley Island Hotel. This one day event features top level speakers sharing their expertise on the future of the food industry followed by open panel debates with active discussion and debate and the opportunity to network with other key players from the UK’s most successful manufacturing sector.

The one-day conference will look at challenges facing food and beverage processors and manufacturers today, and how to plan for the future with Smart Manufacturing and developments in automation. Now is the time to look at how the factory of the future will look, and making those steps towards that future. A4E will also look at how the food and beverage industry is addressing the skills gap in food engineering.

A4E will also take a look at new legislation that will be coming into force, not only in the UK but also globally. New EU regulation 1169/2011 will come into effect from 13 December 2014 and industry has to be prepared for the new mandatory labelling information for consumers. And in 2015, the US Food Safety Modernisation Act will come into force and affect all businesses manufacturing for export to the US. A4E looks in-depth at these important legislation issues and what it’ll mean for UK businesses.

A4E presents a one-day forum for senior engineering professionals to network and learn about issues that will be affecting their business in the future, as well as looking at solutions for today’s food and beverage engineer. This is a key event for all those responsible for investing in automation, engineering, production and skills within food and beverage plants. A4E is perfectly positioned for those involved in food engineering roles from food and beverage processing and manufacturing companies who are looking to solve problems, foster innovation in the industry and increase efficiencies and look ahead to the future of food engineering.

A4E is above all a chance to learn and discuss not only what is happening in the food and beverage industry today, but how the industry can move forward towards efficient, excellence engineering.

Previous attendees to A4E include representatives from virtually all Britain’s leading food manufacturers, top brands, supermarkets, academics, government bodies and researchers.


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