DJ robot debut to Stantonbury School

DJ robot debut to Stantonbury School


With the start of a new year Festo decided to redesign their Tomorrows Engineer schools events; moving them to a Thursday and introducing some new elements such as the DJ dancing robots.


The first school to experience the new format was Stantonbury school in Milton Keynes.  They bought year 9 pupils (15-16 year olds) in the morning and year 11 (17-18 year olds) in the afternoon.  All were studying the new engineering qualification and were keen to see what an automation company did. 


After a short introduction to both Festo and pneumatics they carried out a practical workshop on the difference between a pneumatic cylinder and a Festo Fluid Muscle.  A tour around the Festo display area and a look at Modular Production System rigs that we use for training our apprentices were topped by a second, more complicated workshop and a look at the famous DJ robots.  First seen in the UK at the Big bang Fair and the Skills show they are now in our Northampton visitor centre to entertain and wow their audience.  As you can see from the picture of the pupils filming them they were a big hit!


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