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Industry 4.0 - Germany Standardisation Roadmap

DIN/DKE Roadmap - German stanardisation roadmap - Industry 4.0

The Standardisation Roadmap provides an overview of the standards in the area of industry 4.0 and the current environment.

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Emerging technologies of the future revealed by Gartner

Gartner Hyper Cycle
Gartner's latest excellent annual report reveals the maturity and acceptance of new technologies.

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Steering industry research for the future

Future Industrial Network architecture

The primary role of the FIND consortium is to develop an integrated architecture for the industrial internet of tomorrow.

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Automation ML - Seamless Automation Engineering

Auomation ML - The glue for seamless automation engineering

AutomationML in a nutshell.  Standardised data exchange format across production system engineering chains.

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Platform Industry 4.0 Guidelines

Shaping the Digitial Transformation within Companies - Examples & Recommendations

Shaping the digital transformation within companies - examples and advice for basic and further training.

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I4.0 Made Smarter 2017 report reveals new opportunities

Made Smarter Review 2017

Siemens CEO, Juergen Maier outlines in his report the new opportunities for the UK.

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Industry 4.0 - How well the law is keeping pace

Indsutrie 4.0 - How well the law is keeping pace

The legal Framework Group has formulated this report to highlight the significant legal aspects of Industry 4.0.

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OPC Unified Architecture - Interoperablity for Industry 4.0

OPC Unified Architecture - Interoperability for Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things

OPC-UA provides a secure and reliable data exchange platform for connected systems.

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KPMG - Separating ambition from reality in Industry 4.0

KPMG - Beyond the hype - Separating ambition from reality in Industry 4.0

KPMG explain what manufacturers are doing to secure value and create competitive advantage with I4.0

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Implementing Industry 4.0 workshop

Industry 4.0 workshop Make sure you and your organisation are ready for the challenges Industry 4.0 will present.  Find out more.