Industry 4.0 Showcase event

Industry 4.0 Showcase event


Festo held it's first Industry 4.0 Showcase event at it's Northampton HQ on 29th June. There was a combination of representatives from OEM and End-User customers, Catapult Centres and educational establishments. The day was designed for delegates to learn more about Industry 4.0 technology and the impacts on their people and business and to take a look behind the scenes at Festo and see the latest innovations focusing on Industry 4.0.


The opening presentation talked about insights and the impact of Industry 4.0 with opportunities for discussion at the end. Festo is pioneering Industry 4.0 as a global manufacturer, developer and trainer. Working closely with the German government Festo are uniquely positioned to talk about the impact and opportunities of Industry 4.0 focused on industrial automation.


Interactive workshops took place including the 'Revolution in automation - Pneumatics goes 4.0' introducing the new flexible, powerful Festo Motion Terminal -VTEM and an opportunity to play with the latest Festo Bionic Cobot concept. This was followed by a session on Change Management 4.0 which was all about preparing our people for technological change; how leaders and managers can engage now with Industry 4.0 and prepare their business for the future.


The event was aimed at managers responsible for their company digitisation strategy - looking at the technology and impact of Industry 4.0 on their business. We hope to repeat the event later in the year.