First 'Implementing Industry 4.0' workshop is a great success

First 'Implementing Industry 4.0' workshop is a great success


Customers along with representatives from higher education and consultancy establishments recently attended the two day workshop focused on understanding the core elements in Industry 4.0 and the business opportunities it presents. During the workshop delegates gained a thorough understanding of Industry 4.0, researched the technology drivers behind it, explored new business models and means of generating value for the business, identified a strategy to approach Industry 4.0 and also looked at the potential impact on their people that this disruptive technology could bring.


"Our objective for these workshops is to enable customers to have the confidence to start their Industry 4.0 journey" says Neil Lewin from Festo Training & Consulting. Delegate feedback comments from this first workshop stated they found the course “interesting”, stimulating, “relevant”, inspirational” and “a good use of time”. Neil says, “This course is specifically designed for business leaders who want to make the most of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0. During the two days, we help leaders assess how Industry 4.0 can be applied in their organisations, working in small groups and teams, as well as understanding and debating the challenges posed by Industry 4.0. It is for leaders who want to make better investment decisions that will equip their organisations for the future.”


Currently everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 and there are many different explanations of its meaning. Leaders in organisations are increasingly confronted with Industry 4.0 and have to be aware of its potential impacts. There are many ways companies can improve their productivity, quality and processes. However, before starting an implementation, managers need to have a basic understanding of the core elements and technologies and how their interaction leads to Industry 4.0. Subsequently, they can think of new business models and specific strategies to implement Industry 4.0.


Next workshop dates:
24th/25th October
14th/15th November


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