Festo focuses on smarter automation

Festo focuses on smarter automation


Factories of the Future Expo

Stand K50
28th Feb and 1st Mar 2018
Manchester Central Convention Complex


At this year’s Factories of the Future Expo, Festo will be showcasing exciting new developments and solutions for smarter automation. Festo will be presenting new developments and products in Industry 4.0 technology; as a user within their own production, as the leading provider of training equipment and courses and as an automation product manufacturer.


Existing products such as the modular CPX valve manifold system and automation platform have been enhanced by the addition of the brand new IoT gateway connecting Festo’s own cloud based dashboards - allowing real time visualisation of data. CPX- IoT collects information about Festo devices via an Ethernet connection and the I4.0 standard communication protocol OPC-UA allowing their status and key performance trends to be monitored. Another major highlight will be the recently launched Festo Motion Terminal, the world’s first controlled by apps.


Anyone wondering how to implement Industry 4.0 projects specialists will be on hand to explain the cutting edge Cyber-Physical training factory and skills development courses to help companies start on their journey.


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