Rights of use and copyright notice

The SharePoint portal you are registering for offers an extensive collection of Festo media such as brochures, images and videos of the Festo product range for distributors. Festo AG & Co. KG ("Festo") grants herewith only the simple, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use

  • film/video contents
  • text/text passages
  • pictures, graphics, photographs and images 


only for the purpose of a positive and favourable marketing of Festo products, services and topics and only for the following scope of use:

  • within digital media (e.g. website, online shop, banner, landingpage, blog, community, social media, etc.)
  • within print media (e.g. product catalogue, brochures, newspapers, flyer, newsletter, posters etc.)
  • within product presentations
  • within fairs, and any event and lecture in connection with the positive and favorable marketing of Festo products


Please note that the use of the provided media is permitted only within the scope above. Any other use or transfer to third parties is strictly prohibited without prior written approval of Festo.

Each content shall be marked in any case with "©Festo AG & Co. KG, all rights reserved". The content (incl. all media types mentioned above) must be removed immediately by the trading partner in case of termination of the partnership.


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