Happy 50th Anniversary Festo GB

50th Anniversary


The managers and staff of Festo GB welcomed a wide range of guests including owners Dr Wilfried Stoll, Kurt-Michael Stoll, all of the Corporate Board members, Sen. Vice President for Sales Europe, European General managers and other VIPs to Silverstone Formula 1 Circuit, the home of British Motor Racing, for a celebration evening meal to recognise the 50th Anniversary of Festo GB. 


There was a variety of motor racing based activities as well as flights of the Bionic Learning Network eMotionButterfly and BionicOpter dragonfly concepts, skilfully flown within the narrow confines of the venue and the appreciative audience, before the celebration meal and speeches.  The friendly and convivial atmosphere was enjoyed by everyone, helped along, by what some visitors would see as an uncharacteristically English sunny summer’s evening.


Located at the British Racing Drivers Clubhouse [BRDC] there were great views of the historic sporting venue being prepared for the British F1 Grand Prix in early July.  A member of the BRDC gave a fun and informative presentation on the history of the racing club – the founders were originally called, the Bentley Boys who in the 1920s enjoyed their drinking as much as their car racing.  He also went on to give an insight into the teamwork that goes into modern pit stops – with the world record currently an amazing 1.92 seconds to change all four wheels. However, when it comes to the drivers, teamwork is sometimes ‘forgotten’ when they try to do everything to win the race for themselves.


The speeches after the meal reflected the progress the company has made from the earliest days when between them Martonair and Norgren had more than 70% UK market share.  Today, Festo GB continuously out grows market share growth by more than 1% each year whilst at the same time, driving down operating costs.  The presenters recognised the contribution GB representatives have made in the past, and continue to make toward influencing international initiatives, including Didactic training and consulting, Coaching, Strategy Mapping, Fit for Change, Electric Drives, Distribution, Customer Solutions and more recently, Lifetech. 


Aruj Abbas from the product management team gave a final presentation on behalf of the younger generation of engineers within the company, describing her experiences since joining the company and recognising the contacts she had made locally and internationally and the support she has received that has enabled her to enjoy and develop her career.


The celebrations were rounded off on the following day with a Family Day at the Festo Northampton Head Office where more than 180 family and friends enjoyed a beautiful day of fun activities. These included a leader board on the 3D AirMotion ride, many games and activities, Festo Bionics – the eMotionButterfly and BionicOpter dragonfly - enjoyed by all the visitors, adults and children alike - plenty of competitions and lots of food and drinks.  It was a great fun day to all get together and also to show our families where we work.