Festo sponsors Digitalising Manufacturing Conference

Festo sponsors Digitalising Manufacturing Conference


Festo is proud to be sponsoring this event again on the 29th & 30th October 2018 and will be presenting our latest developments and products for Industry 4.0.


We will be showing the CPX-IOT gateway, connecting smart products to the Festo cloud and viewing the live and trending data in pre-configured dashboards.  The system makes it extremely easy to on-board the Festo devices such as the modular CPX valve manifold system and automation platform and energy supply modules MSE6-E2M.  Like-wise the transfer of data to the cloud requires no programming or specialist expertise – the ideal way to get started on an Industry 4.0 journey. CPX- IOT collects information about Festo devices via an Ethernet connection and the I4.0 standard communication protocol OPC-UA allowing their status and key performance trends to be monitored.

We will be on-hand to discuss developments as a user within our own production, as a leading provider of training equipment and courses and as an automation product manufacturer. Displays include the Industry 4.0 Modular Production training system and information on skills development and change management courses to help companies start on their journey.


Festo has engaged with the Industry 4.0 initiative from its inception and was appointed by the German government as a member of the steering group.  The company has taken an active role in the definition of the core standards such as the RAMI model and the Administration Shell.  Festo Didactic has been an active participation in the workgroups looking at the impact on skills and personal development as well as developing the Industry 4.0 Cyber-Physical Factory training hardware installed in many leading universities and training centres. Industry 4.0 training courses include strategic overviews for change managers and practical workshops for employees.

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