Brexit Statement

Eliza Rawlings - General Manager

Eliza Rawlings - General Manager

October 2020

Festo has a joint task force of specialists from our HQ in Germany and locally in the UK closely monitoring Brexit guidance from the UK Gov.  We are working intensively and with the highest priority. We can confidently assure our customers of the continuing free flow of our goods taking into account the planned changes to tax, customs, importer and product compliance.  The company is well prepared and we are in the best possible position to maintain reliable and robust deliveries to our customers that you have come to expect, despite these challenging times.

Festo is a global company, shipping goods throughout the world and therefore has experience in adapting and complying with the many different logistic requirements.  To eliminate the risk of goods being held-up in transit e.g. goods dispatched from the EU in 2020 under one set of rules and received in the UK in 2021 under the new rules, in close liaison with our customers we will manage shipments to avoid any delays for the short period over Christmas and New Year.  As many customers are shut-down over this period, we are confident we can meet customers’ individual needs.

In the meantime, we want to assure our customers our preparations are in place and we are on-track to maintain excellent levels of customer service.  We will keep our customers informed during this period and will be happy to answer any further questions.

January 2020

Festo locally and in our European HQ continue to closely monitor the Brexit developments to ensure the continuity of the high levels of delivery performance and service provided by Festo.  Assuming the withdrawal deal scheduled for the end of January goes ahead as planned, then the UK will enter a transition period until 31st December 2020. 

We will assess the impact of the decisions made during this period and keep you informed of the actions we have prepared and will take, if we foresee any potential disruption.

April 2019

As the UK and EU have agreed an extention to Brexit until 31st October we are not anticipating any immediate distruption to service or deliveries. As it is possible the UK will leave the EU before this date we will continue to work towards mitigating possible disruptions to our customers and will update you should anything change.


We remain confident that we can respond to the changing situation and support our customers to work through any potential issues.


March 2019

Whilst negotiations continue within the UK Parliament and with the European Union, there remains uncertainty as to the impact and potential disruption of a “No Deal” exit on the 12th April. If Brexit is not delayed, goods in transit at the moment of a “No Deal” exit could be disrupted due to customs documentation and clearance issues.

From a positive perspective, the vast majority of Festo goods are transported from our production plants to the UK via air freight. Our freight forwarders are confident they will continue to efficiently ship and clear goods through UK airports.

Planning and delivery information update

It is prudent to plan for some disruption during the initial, so called, ‘chaotic’ period. Our freight forwarders have advised us that shipments will be suspended from the 10th April (9th for heavy shipments) and will not resume until the 15th April.  To minimise any impact on your business, assuming the UK leaves Europe on the 12th April, we strongly recommend you forward-order any Festo deliveries between the 10th April and the 15th April and place your orders before the close of business on the 9th April.

For goods made to order or not available locally, please build-in to your production planning additional transit and clearing time of at least 4-5 days for deliveries during this period.

Our Official Partner network has proactively increased local stocks to ensure our ability to supply products same or next-day.  You can find your local Official Partner via our website.

Although the situation remains uncertain, Festo are well prepared. We remain confident that we can respond to any of the likely Brexit outcomes and support our customers to work through any temporary disruptions. We are in very close contact with our regional Customer Service Centre in Rohrbach, Germany and our customs and compliance team in HQ and will keep you up to date on developments should there be any further clarification or change.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us on  or on Freephone 0800 626422.

October 2018

The outcome of the EU membership referendum on 23rd June 2016 meant that the UK will leave the European Union, or ‘Brexit’ as it has become known.  At Festo, we believe we must embrace the challenges that this decision will bring.  Inevitably there is still uncertainty as the Brexit negotiations take place, whatever the outcome may be, our customers can be assured of our best endeavours to mitigate risks to their supply chain.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and that ethos will continue irrespective of the Brexit outcome.  In order to achieve this, we have strategies in place which will ensure the strongest possible outcome and maintain stability for our company as well as our customers as the transition away from EU membership takes place.  We have undertaken a review of our supply chain to minimise the impact of any major changes following Brexit including reviews of our stocking policies and import procedures.


Festo is a global organisation and the UK will continue to be an important market for us.  We remain optimistic about the negotiations outcome whilst ensuring we are well-prepared with plans in place to respond to any changes with agility.  At this stage it is impossible to predict the final outcome, as a company well versed with the demands of international trade, we have every confidence in the skills and expertise of our people, both locally and at our headquarters in Germany, to adapt to any changes necessitated following Brexit in a way that minimises disruptions for our customers.