Festo sponsors the Smart Industry conference – Food & Beverage

Festo sponsors the Smart Industry conference


The theme of the conference on the 22nd May was 'Making the fourth industrial revolution a reality - the challenges, opportunites and solutions'.


Steve Sands, our Industry 4.0 spokesperson presented at the Smart Industry conference – Food & Beverage in Birmingham.  He looked at the challenges faced by the food & beverage industry and examined some of the solutions where new Digitalisation technologies can help.  He covered the following:


Challenges facing the food and beverage sector
• Increasing productivity - rising labour costs, increased efficiency
• Sustainability – reducing energy and water consumption
• Personalisation / fragmentation / more varieties


Industry 4.0 / Digitalisation technologies
• Productivity / OEE – Asset management / Condition Monitoring / Smart / Digital maintenance /Faster Time to Fix ….
• Energy Management – visibility and management through Dashboards
• Cobot developments / adaptive gripper technologies


Barriers / solutions to speed of change
• Getting started – proof of concepts / technology demonstrators
• Lack of available skills to be able to support the adaptation of new technologies
• End users waiting for OEM’s / OEM’s waiting for End-Users