STEM students visit Festo

Sir Christopher Hatton


We were pleased to welcome some year 7 students from Sir Christopher Hatton Academy to our Northampton headquarters. They are all studying STEM subjects and interested to see what an engineering company does. They were a keen and enthusiastic group and wanted to see an automation company in action.


After a short introduction to both Festo and pneumatics they carried out practical workshops including the difference between a pneumatic cylinder and a Festo Fluid Muscle before completing some more complicated pneumatic circuit workshops. There was also a biomimicry workshop looking at the characteristics of how a chameleon’s tongue can grip objects and what we can learn from this in the industrial world.

We discussed how they could progress in careers in engineering and we talked about our apprentice programme at Festo.


Teacher, Stephanie Bolton, said ‘Festo were extremely accommodating and brought to life what they do and how it impacts the world. Our pupils were thoroughly engaged with the hands-on activities and inspired some into considering careers in engineering”.

Festo are firmly committed to inspiring and developing young engineers for the future. This encompasses support of local schools, colleges and universities within a variety of programs and events.


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