Festo at virtual Smart Factory Expo

Smart Factory


Visit our stand at the Smart Industry Expo from the 9th – 12th November, part of Digital Manufacturing Week 2020, where we invite you to explore the latest in Digital Transformation. You will witness how you can use the power of AI to perform predictive, or energy management, with the launch of our Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX).

Festo AX is an exciting introduction that integrates many pieces of the machine-level digitalisation jigsaw in a simple and usable way. At the centre of this application is the capability to provide AI-assisted condition monitoring, preventative maintenance and energy-saving services.

The “Festo-AX core” collects, analyses and enables asset management and visualisation. It can be extended with add-on modules; these include preventative maintenance and energy efficiency. Cloud connectivity enables the predictive maintenance notifications to be passed via an API to smart maintenance applications for scheduled rectification without unplanned stoppages. Data collected from the shop-floor is evaluated on Edge and through the AI algorithm supplemented with application know-how is translated into actionable insights. This information can be retained locally or communicated to the Cloud.

Festo engaged with Industry 4.0 from its inception: as a user, manufacturer and trainer.  Last year the German government appointed Festo board member Frank Melzer to lead the initiative’s steering group. Festo takes an active role in the definition of core standards such as the RAMI model and Administration Shell.  Festo Didactic has installed the Industry 4.0 Cyber-Physical Factory training hardware in many leading training establishments, as well as delivering Industry 4.0 training courses to support change management.

We look forward to seeing you and learning how we can support your digital transformation.

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