Farnell adds Festo to expand its automation technology range



Farnell is now stocking a wide range of pneumatic automation products from Festo including air control valves, pressure transmitters, vacuum generators, drives, air control cylinders and sensors which are available for fast delivery from Farnell.


Farnell provides access to the full range of Festo products, greatly expanding its pneumatics range and industrial automation and control portfolio. Almost 3,000 of the most in-demand Festo products are now in stock and available for fast delivery in the UK and Ireland with an emphasis on those most suitable for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.


Festo’s innovative, market-leading, and competitively priced products complement components from Farnell’s other suppliers and their customers now have greater flexibility in system design and build, as well as facilitating critical maintenance and equipment repairs.


Simon Meadmore, Global Head of IP&E at Farnell says: “We are delighted to introduce Festo into our automation technology portfolio. The breadth of Festo’s products greatly enhances our pneumatics range and extends our comprehensive industrial automation offering. As a distributor with a strong supplier network, our new partnership with Festo will allow our customers to complete critical maintenance and repairs with reduced equipment or factory downtime. In addition to this, our customers will be able to safely streamline factory automation processes while bringing to market new machinery and equipment much faster with Festo.”


Steve Land, Relationship Development Manager at Festo says “We are very pleased that Farnell has become an Official Festo Partner as Farnell provide specialist technical support covering pneumatics, industrial automation and control technology into many industries including Electronics and Light Assembly. Customers can order online and have access to free online resources, data sheets, application notes, videos and webinars on the Farnell website. We are looking forward to working with Farnell in order to grow our market shares through helping customers to be more successful in their chosen markets.

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