Repair service

Repair service


Festo Technician undertaking repair work

Festo components are known for operating well beyond their stated design life. However when items begin to show signs of failure it can sometimes be economical to repair or replace the wearing parts.

Festo offers customers a repair service for repairable items with a current list price of more than £250.


Initially, customers should call our Contact Centre to ascertain if an item is repairable and obtain a returns (FRN) number.

Following this, items should be returned to Festo in Northampton where they will be evaluated by a qualified technician who will provide a report detailing the scope of work required and an estimate for parts and labour within five working days.


Upon receipt of an order, the repair will be carried out and returned to you within a further five working days. All repairs are warranted for six months.


Key Benefits

  • Economical repair reduces Total Cost of Ownership
  • Repair by qualified technician provides a six month warranty

More information & ordering via our Contact Centre

0800 626 422

01604 667011


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