Special applications

Special Applications


Design of Special Application products

When standard products don't meet your needs, Festo's Special Applications (SA) department will work to devise a customised solution optimised for the price and performance you require.

Special Applications are developed with continuous dialogue between Festo and our customer. Our Special Applications department will work with you to develop the right solution, whether it’s a small change to a standard product or a totally new custom design.

Jointly developed individual solutions create competitive advantages for Festo customers. Working in partnership with Festo gives customers access to Festo’s Research & Development department and the cost efficiencies that come with dealing with one of the largest manufacturers of automation components in the world.


Festo provides the organisation, engineering, assistance, documentation and complete prototypes and/or production components.

Our services include:

  • Small modifications to standard product
  • Extended modifications
  • Brand new designs


Key Benefits

  • Product to your exact specification
  • Cost optimised you only pay for the features you require
  • Access to Festo R&D expertise and production economies of scale


Additional Information

Special Applications Guide


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