Win with the best team on the field for media flow automation

When you’re playing in the challenging environments of process industry and are facing rough or aggressive opponents, you need the best team out there to win the game. You need a wide range of process automation solutions that are set up to win in your industry. We train the teams that will lead you to unbeatable productivity and efficiency.

It’s game time!

Pick your league

Click on your industry segment to enter the court, meet your team of players and see the game strategy for optimal control of media flows.

Meet the team!

The Chemical Industry playing field

Defense wins the game with our safe and reliable solutions for the Chemical Industry.

Safety comes first with Festo. Applications in the chemical industry may be hazardous and environmental conditions can be extreme. Our product range features tough, defensive players, built to deliver reliable solutions for your system through diagnostics and performance.

Scout our starting lineup!

Explore alternate paths to victory!
Linear actuator DFPI

Flexibility: The winning game tactics

When it comes to installation and control concepts, our coaches have the right game plan for every situation. We know your industry and we have players that are flexible and can be combined in different ways so that you get just the specifications that suit your needs.

Choose your game plan!

  • Pneumatic operator panel
  • Centralized installation
  • Decentralized installation
  • Hybrid installation
  • Modular automation

Superior coaching leads to peak performance

To form a winning team, you also need coaches on the sidelines, on-call whenever you need them.

At Festo, we support you on your way to victory in a variety of ways, including:

  • Innovative Design of Products, such as our custom ball valve rack for dispensing selected media, which improves performance in smaller space
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Services, such as audits to lower costs in-plant, eliminate leaks and optimize design
  • Value Add Services, including process valve assembly, control cabinets and much more

Maximum productivity as the ultimate goal

With a lineup of worldwide available innovative products in the game and experienced coaches on the sidelines, Festo provides complete system solutions for every application leading you to maximum productivity and winning results!

Your benefits:

  • Everything from a single source
  • Matching product portfolio
  • Central project execution
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Worldwide availability

Start scouting for your perfect team

Make an appointment for a consultation with our experts, and discover how Festo can take your automation of media flows to championship levels.


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