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Medical Light Assembly

At Festo Ireland, we understand the particular challenges of implementing change in the Medical Technology Industry.

We understand that you are subject to regulatory requirements and that changes to existing processes can require re-validation and can be costly. That’s why we offer solutions.

Medical Light Assembly
  • Our consultants can work with you to identify opportunities that may exist where the savings to be made outweigh the cost of implementation and re-validation.
  • We can work with your R&D and Production Transfer teams to design and implement the most effective handling and solutions upfront, prior to validation.
  • We can provide scalable handling solutions which could reduce your costs by 70-80% at the R&D stage.
  •  Our installation and operation documentation is compiled with a view to reducing the work of your validation teams.


  • We can empower your personnel to CE certify your machines, saving costs by avoiding the use for costly external contractors.
  • Our experienced Training Team can work with your Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P.) reducing machine downtime and increasing machine reliability.
Bionic Handling Assistant
  • The Festo Consultancy service can provide a wide range of services optimally to meet your needs:


  • On-site technical support worldwide
  • Material flow
  • Machine safety (H&S)
  • Ergonomics - work station layout (H&S)
  • Independent assessment of manufacturing processes
  • Automation and machine design principles
  • Independent reports for improvement proposals


We understand how important confidentiality is to you. Respect for your IP and maintaining confidentiality is critical to Festo, without it, we could not do business.

Effective support in meeting the challenges that you face in the Medical Technology Industry every day.

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