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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Project books for FCA Powertrain Projects

FCA and Festo have created a Joint Global project book for Powertrain projects to help designers and machine builders choose the right products and practices that follows the specifications of FCA, ensuring true global standardization, along with performance and quality of Festo products.

The Festo Project book for FCA Powertrain projects is a supplement to the FCA specification and defines the components to be used in order to build the machine in accordance with them.


Project book for FCA Powertrain projects in Europe, Latin America und Asia Pacific:

FCA (FCA EMEA, LATAM, APAC) Festo Projekt Book

FCA (EMEA, LATAM, APAC) Festo Cover Page


FCA Festo CPX VTSA valve terminal configurator


Example of by pass for assembly station


Example of cylinder control


Project book for FCA Powertrain projects in North America (NAFTA) :


FCA (NAFTA) Festo Project Book

FCA (NAFTA) Festo Cover Page

Your contact to Festo

Europe Festo Contact
Mauro Bergamaschi
Account Manager – FIAT
Via E. Fermi, 36/38
20090 Assago
Telefon: +39 02 45788 1 



North America Festo Contact
Festo Corporation
James Marlowe 
Account Manager - Chrysler
1441 W. Long Lake Rd, Ste 110
USA - 48098 Try, MI
Telefon: +1 (248) 508-4258