Project and plant-specific release lists

You can find all up-to-date release lists for automotive manufacturers here:

Ford Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and a key customer for Festo. The size and global presence of Ford has led Festo to set up a Ford Customer Team that will support all Ford plants worldwide as well as the machine and system builders during projects.

Ford Customer Team

For questions about current Ford projects or other issues, please get in touch with your Festo contacts.


North and South America


Europe (including joint ventures in Turkey and Russia)




Project books

For most Ford projects, Festo has created project books that describe the current status of approved components. In addition, the project books provide help for planners and engineers when designing new machines and systems for the Ford Motor Company.

Here is a selection of project books:


Ford Assembly Plant - Valencia (Spain)

Body shop: Valencia – component list


Ford Assembly Plant - Craiova (Romania)

Body shop: Craiova – component list


Ford Assembly Plant - Cologne

Body shop: Cologne – component list


Ford Assembly Plant - Saarlouis

Body shop: Saarlouis – component list



Global Powertrain Specification

Festo is the preferred component manufacturer for all global Ford powertrain projects. The list of approved components for global Ford powertrain projects is available on the Ford Covisint platform. You can also download the Festo project book from there.


If you have further questions or require support, please get in touch with the Ford Customer Team at Festo.