Energy Saving Services

Holistic concept for optimising compressed air systems

For energy-efficient and environmentally conscious systems operation

Reduce operating costs by up to 60%

We determine your potential savings and assist you in the planning and conversion of energy-relevant optimisation measures.

We ensure the sustainability of your energy savings by implementing measures for maintaining savings and with training courses for your staff.


Modular service offer in line with your requirements

Energy Saving Services


Detect and rectify leakages: save up to 42% on compressed air via leakage rectification

The advantages of Festo Energy Saving Services:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Optimal use of compressor output
  • Extended service life of components
  • High system availability
  • Reliable processes
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly system operation

Compressed air energy efficiency audit to ISO/DIS 11011

Certified by the German certification organisation TÜV Süd


Implementation of the action plans - for a fast return on investment
Rectify leakages Repair and/or replacement leaky or defective pneumatic components by specialist service technicians
Carry out machine energy efficiency measures Installation and commissioning of the developed solutions
Introduce a condition monitoring system Programming, installation and commissioning of a condition monitoring system in selected machines