Multi-Carrier-System MCS®


The new and innovative Multi-Carrier-System MCS® brings real flexibility to the production department. It can be easily integrated into existing intralogistics and facilitates extremely modular transport solutions for economical production, from batches of 1 to large-scale production.

React quickly to changing market requirements for new, individually manufactured products, keep production efficient, ensure optimised machine utilisation and reduce delivery times while maintaining maximum flexibility. All this is only possible if you can modify your production processes quickly without much effort. The Multi-Carrier-System MCS® from Festo allows you to do precisely that. The innovative transport system can be quickly and easily adapted to different formats, sizes and types of products during operation. This ensures optimised machine utilisation because changeovers are extremely fast with this transport solution.


Application video – MCS

Multi-Carrier-System MCS® – flexibility in the packaging industry


Carefully packaged – the Multi-Carrier-System drives the

packaging process of ECONO-PAK's horizontal cartoner

Flexible transport – the Multi-Carrier-System installed in an

Optima filling and packaging machine