Warren Harvard shows how electrical positioning systems are easy to select, connect & configure.

Sourcing all control chain elements - mechanical and electrical - from one supplier ensures an integrated solution with easy connectivity, guaranteed system performance and compatibility. 

Before you consider specifying your next electric drive, watch our video here to find out more about easier selection, connection and configuration.
Easy to select

Easy to Select

One cost effective technology for many positioning applications

Festo CMMO stepper technology offers advanced control capability at a lower cost.  Both force and position control are delivered in a smooth and optimised motion profile.

  • Open loop control
    The lower cost option

  • Closed loop servo mode
    With encoder feedback. A cost effective option providing accuracy and continuous monitoring

Quick Links

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One Simulation tool

One simulation tool for selecting the optimum system

The free online Festo PositioningDrives tool enables selection of the ideal OMS for the required application. Simply enter your application details to view a range of technically-matched solutions. These will take into account:

  • mechanical axis required (piston rod, rodless gantry, cantilever-based linear
    drives, guided rotary tables)

  • guidance and application requirements (mass, centre of gravity, off-sets, velocity).

Safety margin information is provided for each option, to aid selection.

Electrical compatibility
When you have selected your mechanical drive, the tool chooses the appropriate motor and gearbox for the performance requirement – ensuring electrical compatibility.

PositioningDrives tool

One purchase order for simple ordering

One purchase order for simple ordering

A single complete price is provided for your chosen system. One supplier for the entire system means you need place only one order, need only one purchase order number and have only one delivery to handle – within just one week of ordering.


One System Design

Easy to Connect

One system design connects to multiple fieldbus protocols

The Festo OMS Series connects to a wide variety of end-user protocols. This allows machine builders to design a standard electric drive system which requires only a simple and inexpensive change of connectivity node to communicate directly with any of the systems below:

  • I/O-link
  • CANopen
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT

Optimised Motion Series brochure

One Allen key for fast assembly

One Allen key for fast assembly

Any Festo OMS package can be assembled out of the box using only one tool: a basic Allen key. All mechanical interfaces are designed to work together to provide secure, aligned axes with no need for additional brackets or adaptors.

See in our short film how easy it is!

Free and easy to use configuration tool

Easy to Configure

One free and easy to use configuration tool

All parameters can be downloaded from the free Festo WebConfig tool, eliminating the need for manual entry and the associated risk of error. Programming time is also significantly reduced.


WebConfig tool

One number to call for technical support

One number to call for technical support

To help with your selection process, free CAD drawings are available in all standard native formats, together with electronic datasheets for easy technical file compilation.

Free-of-charge support and advice is also available for the entire control chain. Because there’s only one supplier, there’s only one number to call ++353 (01) 2954955 .  Alternatively, to arrange an expert consultation email .