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Festo webinar series

We offer regular webinars where a topic is discussed interactively in 30 minutes.

Festo experts will share with you their product knowledge and experience, concrete solutions to your problems and the latest trends in automation and 4.0 industry. You will find:


  • Trends
  • Technology
  • Product innovations
  • Online / Software tools


The webinars are for inspiration and learning. They are conducted live and are accessible free of charge from your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. A session lasts approximately 30 minutes with questions at the end. Please allow enough time before the webinars to connect. This may take a few minutes. The use of Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox is recommended.

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Thu 13th Aug - How designers can save costs when selecting valves for process automation tasks

Selecting fluid control valves can be a complex task and many designers over-specify in order to assure performance. This can however be overly expensive but by following these basic principles and more closely matching valves and actuators to the application specific requirements, significant savings can be made.


In this 30 minutes webinar Leon Kelly will guide designers through a number of key considerations such as:


- Process media - valve material selection

- Operating pressure - choosing the correct pressure rating

- Safety - actuator selection influences


Thu 17th Sep - Designers’ electric drive basics: when to select stepper, servo or DC motors

Today the role of the traditional “Mechanical Designer” frequently requires an understanding of how to select the best electric drive technology. With digital closed loop control the distinction between the different types of motors is not as clear as it used to be.


In this 30 minute webinar, Warren Harvard will guide designers through the basic key technologies, the advantages of each and where they best fit in automation projects.

Past webinars - available on demand

8 principles for designing energy saving pneumatic systems

Energy Efficiency is fast becoming the No.1 concern within industry. During this 30 minute webinar our specialist Andy Parker-Bates will cover 8 practical principles that can be easily applied to your machine designs to reduce compressed air consumption and overall lifetime costs.


Attendees will be guided through all aspects of pneumatic system design and operation including:


- The effect of pressure on compressed air usage

- Selecting the optimal component

- Physical considerations in the machine

- Siting and mounting of pneumatic components

New Products 2020

Innovations and cost saving ideas for your next automation project.

With Hannover Fair cancelled in 2020 the Festo Product Management team will launch some exciting new additions to the Festo product range focusing on:


- Innovative products to increase productivity
- Cost saving products and ideas
- Digital products and services for Industry 4.0


Handling Guide Online

If you are working on designing handling systems, based on cartesian axes, then you probably also know how much work it can be to find, dimension, calculate prices, draw and not least build these solutions.


Wouldn't it be great if you could take a shortcut with a digital online tool that, in 20 minutes, can help you set up a complete system, including CAD & E-Plan documentation?


Simplified Motion Series

Find out how to combine the power of an electric drive with the simplicity of pneumatics.

Are you looking for electrical solutions for simple movements that do not require complex commissioning? Then this webinar is for you.


The Simplified Motion Series is a new range of integrated electric actuators. See how you can easily select and program them and take a look at typical applications.


Machine connectivity - CPX-AP-I

See how you can build machines that are powerful, fast & Industry 4.0 ready.
Find out how our decentralised I/O system CPX-AP-I ensures continuous communication from the workpiece to the cloud.

What is CPX-AP-I, how does it connect to other protocols and Industry 4.0? What are the typical applications?


IO-Link: the basics.

Fast & simple, IO-Link is changing the way components are connected.

IO-Link is more and more popular in modern automation as part of the 4th industrial revolution. But what is IO-Link really, what can it be used for, and what benefits can it provide to manufacturers and users of automation equipment?

Webinars on demand

We record our webinars and make them available to view on demand.

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Here's how to attend a free Festo webinar

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- During the webinar, you can ask the host questions via the chat feature. We recommend the use of headphones