Jobs in Festo Indonesia

Jobs in Festo Indonesia

To support our innovation and continous improvement, we are seeking qualified candidates for this position.


 No.  Position Roles 
1 Training Engineer( 1 vacancy )

Administer technical training, implement and facilitate training package for every modules in Training and Consutling (TaC) and products technologies in ther area of Learning system. Coordinate training and course selection, monitor the results and future needs. More on this vacancy


Didactic Consultant ( 2 vacancies )

Perform sales activities in order to achieve turnover target in Learning System & Training and Consulting (TaC) products. More on this vacancy
3 Project Engineer - CS ( 1 vacancy )

Responsible for system solutions, technical consulting and after sales services in the area of responsibility. More on this vacancy 

4 Control Engineer Consultant - Surabaya  ( 1 vacancy )

Perform sales activities, provide support and bridge relation to customers in order to achieve turnover target and market coverage. Surabaya

5 Apllication Engineer - PFA ( 1 vacancy )

Provides accurate specification interpretations that drive the technical evaluation portion of the sales process, engage with all contacts in sales channels and end users.


Be able to articulate Festo’s technology, product features and benefits to both business and technical users. Able to identify relevant technical issue to ensure complete customer satisfaction through all stages of sales process. More on this vacancy

6 Industri Segment Specialist - PA Water Treatment ( 1 vacancy )

Responsible for manage the PA business in achieving the turnover target. More on this vacancy 

7 Business Development - PA Chemical & Biopharma ( 1 vacancy )

The incumbent responsible for Sales activities and provide support to customer in order to achieve turnover targeting in the Chemical and Biopharma segment/ Industry. More on this vacancy

8 Industri Segment Specialist - PA Sugar ( 1 vacancy )

The incumbent responsible for Sales activities and provide support to customer in order to achieve turnover targeting in the Sugar segment/Industry. More on this vacancy


Human Resources Dept, PT Festo

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  • A summary of your employment history to date, include details of the dates, the organization and a short description of the type of work you undertook.
  • Summarize your educational qualifications in your CV, including the degree award or certificate, the institution attended, the dates of study and country where you studied.
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  • Festo needs reference and recomendation of your current manager. We usually contact referees if we want to offer an individual a position.