Leakage detection and elimination

Leakage detection and elimination

Eliminate leaks and save compressed air costs immediately

You can achieve about 42% of your total potential savings on compressed air by optimum leakage management.

Our specialists detect the leaks in your plant and eliminate them professionally. You start saving money immediately.

Our service package includes:

  • Detection of compressed air leaks during operation
  • Checking of the complete compressed air system from the compressor to the pneumatic application
  • Recording and documenting the leaks and the information relevant for repair or improvement
  • Proper leakage elimination


The benefits to you:


  • Reduced compressed air requirements and costs
  • Immediate savings of energy and costs with every leak eliminated
  • Production downtime is usually not required
  • Detailed documentation of the leaks discovered including all the data required for eliminating them



Measures for energy savings in compressed air production

The greatest potential for savings is in the elimination of leaks. That has been demonstrated by the independent study “Compressed Air Systems in the European Union” by the Fraunhofer Institute ISI.

Compressed air energy efficiency audit to ISO/DIS 11011

Certified by the German certification organisation TÜV Süd



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