Final assembly


The application: uniting the drive train and the body - the 'marriage'

Your objective: highly automated, reliable and adaptive process with perfect results

Our solution:  product portfolio for optimum assembly

    Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC/EGC-HD

Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC

High load capacity makes these ideal for use in the body shop, final assembly and tyre production

  • High load capacity
  • Load closer to the double guide: smaller lever arms for very high torques and large maximum load
  • Optimised aluminium profile

Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC in the catalogue

    Linear drives DGC/DGC-HD

Linear drives DGC/DGC-HD

  • Compact: fitting length relative to stroke
  • Loads and devices can be directly mounted on the slide.
  • For safety-oriented applications with mechanical hazards
  • Ideal for final assembly
  • DGC-HD with heavy-duty guide: powerful with two recirculating ball bearing guides in one profile


Linear drives DGC/DGC-HD in the catalogue

    Powerful parallel gripper HGPT-B from Festo

Sturdy, powerful and precise: parallel gripper HGPT-B

  • High gripping force of up to 7kN
  • Sturdy and precise due to T-slot guidance of the gripper fingers
  • Also available as high-power variant with twice the force at half the gripping stroke
  • Reliable gripping due to long T-slot guidance, event at high torque loads
  • Can be used in harsh environments due to integrated sealing air
  • 4 sensor slots for up to 4 flush-fitting, integrated sensors
  • Reliable: optional gripping force backup reliably prevents the loss of workpieces.


Parallel gripper HGPT in the catalogue